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Mark Florman

Entrepreneur and Pioneer in Impact Philanthropy and Social Justice

Mark Florman has been an entrepreneur and thought leader for 30 years. He is an expert in developing long term strategies for future proofing businesses and has advised a wide variety of governments and industries. In April 2015 was appointed BBC Trustee for England. In addition, he will be appointed Chairman for B Corps. He is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, having founded businesses in technology, media, transportation, publishing, private equity, banking and leisure, as well as think tanks, international development programmes, charities and political campaigns. Mark is a supporter of international development and is an adviser to the African Intellectual Property Trust, driving for the protection of IP created in Africa.

"An outstanding entrepreneur and philanthropist"

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In detail

In 1992 Mark created Maizels Westerberg & Co., one of the very first independent merchant banks. He has also co-founded the Centre for Social Justice, the UK think tank with a focus on poverty and welfare. Mark believes that trust and a wider duty is essential in business and with government and civil society, business should work more to help improve the lives of communities. He defined the term "ERR", to measure the external impact business has on society. In 2012 he co-founded the DNA Summit, to bring together the world's most creative and innovative people with a view to working on solutions for the world's poorest communities.

What he offers you

Mark Florman is a renowned expert on the future of Africa and has spent the past 30 years bridging the triangle for civil society of policy, philanthropy and the private sector. He speaks with passion and depth across the world on the need for global business responsibility and a new corporate citizenship, and can bring real world examples to life like no one else.

How he presents

Mark Florman is an exceptionally cultured and thought provoking speaker. He has a lifelong connection with building responsible businesses and is passionate about social justice. These outstanding qualities, charisma, knowledge and experience come through in his speeches with a delivery that is relaxed, engaging and full of content and meaning.


He presents in English.

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  • Bridging Politics, Philanthropy and Business Together
  • Sustainable Business and Corporate Citizenship
  • Africa and Emerging Markets
  • Demographics and World Trends
  • Entrepreneurialism and Venture Capital
  • The Man who Invented ERR
  • Social Reform, Welfare and Work

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