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Mike Harris

Former CEO & Founder of Egg Plc & First Direct

Mike Harris, a true innovator and the legendary Founder of EGG plc, was also the Executive Chairman of Garlik which won the prestigious BT Flagship Award for innovation in 2008. Mike also mentors SME owners and entrepreneurs interested in developing and funding ideas and accelerating growth.

" extraordinarily stimulating, creative and entertaining speaker." MIT Sloan School of Management

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In detail

Between 1991 and 1995 he was Chief Executive of UK telco Mercury Communications where he created a new consumer business which was later sold to NTL (now Virgin Media) for £2.5bn. He was Chairman of the start up mobile operator - One to One which was later sold to T-Mobile for $10bn. In 1995 he moved on to the position of founding CEO of Prudential Banking plc and then the CEO of its successor, Egg - which he took from concept to a billion pound public company in just 2 years. Egg was the first major internet bank in the world and for several years had more internet customers than any other bank. Harris has led companies that consistently stand out from the competition. As founding Chief Executive of First Direct, Harris built a bank with unprecedented levels of customer loyalty. Mike was also Chair of Innovation at Royal Bank of Scotland from 2005 until March 2009, where he supervised the establishment of a group wide innovation programme.

What he offers you

With his dynamic, interactive and informative sessions, Mike not only motivates his audiences, he provides them with a wealth of practical approaches, real-life examples and stories as well as hands-on techniques, all of which can be immediately applied to the audiences own personal and professional development. His speeches are designed to generate exceptional results - results well beyond those that could be expected from conventional sources.

How he presents

He is a dynamic speaker and he illustrates points from his own experiences and always seeks to be provocative and inspirational whilst using humour to add some fun to the occasion.


He presents in English.

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  • High Performance Leadership
  • On the Leading Edge: Technology and Business
  • Customer Engagement 2.0
  • Business Success
  • Adapting to Change
  • Implementing Innovation


  • "Fantastic. Mike provides a great opportunity for leaders to get excited and inspired to challenge and to improve their own leadership qualities"
  • "Excellent! Mike always delivers valuable insights into today's key business issues"
  • "Makes you think outside your comfort zone"
  • "Mike inspires you to open your mind - and be prepared to think the unthinkable"
  • "Mike takes me out of my comfort zone and helps me change the angle from which I view things"


  • 2008
    Find Your Lightbulb - How to Make Millions from Apparently Impossible Ideas

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