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Let Me Tell You A Story

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How many times in our lives have we heard that phrase? Whether it’s fact or fiction, storytelling plays a very important role in our lives, helping us to relate and connect to one another. 

Our recent article on storytelling resonated with so many of us, we are lucky to work with some of the best storytellers around. So to kick off the new year, we thought we’d share a few of our favourites who each bring their unique style and story to life. 

Changing focus from the bottom line to the punchline

Cally Beaton is a media executive, entrepreneur and performer. Whilst working on Comedy Central Cally developed her other life as a stand-up comedian. Despite joining the circuit after already establishing an impressive corporate career, the move has seen her perform at clubs around the UK and front her own show at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Innovating is one thing, saving lives is another

Richard Browning is an English inventor, entrepreneur, and speaker. A real-life iron man who can soar into the sky using human propulsion technology. His super-fast gravity defying jet suit could soon be worn by paramedics during mountain rescue.

How data can tell stories far beyond just numbers  

Hannah Fry studies patterns in human behaviour, bringing numbers and data to life on TV and radio in programmes she examines the incredible insights data can provide.


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