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Did you know that some of the most famous names in music also enthral business audiences? If you want to bring a different and unique perspective to your next event CSA Celebrity Speakers can help you. We can bring you together with some of the major names in music for either an inspirational talk or for an on-stage interview. We feature a selection of your favourite music legends here.

Bruce Dickinson

Businessman, Pilot and Lead Singer of Iron Maiden

Lead singer of one of the world’s greatest rock bands, Bruce Dickinson is also a hugely successful businessman, across a range of industries including brewing and aviation. He fascinates business audiences with topics covering business start-ups, creativity, entrepreneurship and turning customers into fans.

Sir Bob Geldof

Activist, Businessman and Musician

Sir Bob Geldof is the musician best known for Live Aid and Live 8 and is now a proven businessman and a self-styled campaigner, tremendously well informed on a broad range of global and national issues. He is an outspoken and celebrated global activist invited to give talks on globalisation, leadership, green issues, inspiration and motivation.

Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Drummer

Lars Ulrich is a founding member of the heavy metal band Metallica. He is a vital part of the song writing core and also a supreme communicator. Lars offers unique and flexible corporate events customised for individual organisations. He relates stories from his own life and challenges and inspires participants to step beyond perceived limitations.

KT Tunstall

Singer – Songwriter

KT Tunstall is an award winning singer-songwriter who is also a mesmerising live talent. KT is a natural raconteur and an insightful speaker with a relaxed and relatable style. A strong female role model and a supporter of several charities, she is comfortable talking about anything from music to the socio-political and cultural topics of the day.

Tony Iommi

Black Sabbath Guitarist

Tony Iommi was lead guitarist of Black Sabbath, the pioneers of heavy metal. His musical career faltered after suffering an accident, but through sheer determination he overcame his challenges and continued his music. Tony provides a truly inspiring, uplifting and motivating talk, helping put into context the challenges we all face from time to time.

Rob Halford

Lead Vocalist for Judas Priest

As Judas Priest’s lead vocalist, Rob Halford’s singing style has been hugely influential and instantly recognisable. He is considered one of the most powerful singers in rock. Rob shares his compelling and funny stories and experiences and shows how his ‘rock star’ life lessons can be perfectly translated to inspire people in their business life.

Midge Ure

Award Winning Musician and Co-organiser of Band Aid

In addition to being an award winning musician, Midge Ure is the co-organiser of the ground-breaking events of Band Aid, Live Aid and Live 8. These global events have gone down in history. Midge is a fantastic story teller and offers first hand insights into the creative process and how to get the best from talented individuals and how to stay at the top.

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