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If you thought you knew about digital transformation, think again.  Futurist and commentator on the digital revolution, Andreas Ekström really resonates with us as he always both challenges and enlightens. 

So we wanted to share a few glimpses of his innovative thoughts and solutions that really get to the bones of topics relevant to us all and have an impact on how we as individuals and businesses can view the world.

“Because Sweden: Understanding the Future Through the Weirdest Country in the World” is not only a hilarious name for a keynote – it is an analysis that will strike any listener as mind blowing. Sweden is, for better and for worse, is the place to look right now for anyone who wants to navigate the future of business, politics, culture and of course all things digital. Sweden is an outlier. What happens in Sweden today will happen in the world tomorrow. Sweden has a long streak of glorious achievements – and interesting troubles that come with it. In this presentation, Andreas explains the success of Skype, Minecraft and Spotify, as he also praises the social engineering that allowed him to be a stay at home dad for more than two years, and give him a new liver when he needed one. But he also discusses new and unforeseen challenges for this small nation of ten million people. This is a presentation you do not want to miss – you are simply not going to understand the most liberal and least religious and most tax-loving nation in the world without some help!

“Seven Ways to Own the World” is nothing short of a global success story. Andreas has performed versions of this presentation in 29 countries – and like few other digital experts, Andreas is able to capture the intersection between mankind and machines. He guides the audience to a better understanding of the most important battles of our digital future, where political, financial and social innovation will change how we live forever. A must for the analytical leader.

“The Power of &” is a humanistic and captivating logic sequel to “Seven Ways”. When mapping the territory for the 2020’s, Andreas discovered that the digital trends we all discussed now had become defining for society as a whole. A polarized internet? No, a polarized world. We have to do better, Andreas says – and he’s got the toolbox ready for anyone who wants to ask better questions and make better decisions. “The Power of &” is a call to arms for nuanced thinking, for trusting the intellectual before the emotional, for reclaiming the work methods that have worked wonders for a hundred years or more. You will be taken on a journey that is also deeply personal for Andreas, and his views of what a truly humanistic world can and should look like in the the digital age. 


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