Adah Parris

Top Futurist

Adah Parris is a highly sought-after speaker and a visionary in the fields of technology, ecology, innovation, and art. With her unique blend of expertise, she challenges conventional thinking and inspires individuals and organisations to embrace new ways of thinking and doing.

"An enthusiastic curator of people, patterns and stories"

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  • How Nature Can Unlock AI?s Potential for Systemic Regeneration
  • Cultivating Timeless Change in the Now
  • Art, Storytelling, and Transforming Perception
  • Belonging and Kinship in the Age of 1s and 0s
  • Charting the Future: Balance, Chaos, and Storytelling in Digital Realms
  • Authentic Leadership in a Digital Age: Cultivating Trust and Connection
  • Tech and Humanity: Balancing Innovation with Ethical Responsibility
  • The Future of Innovation: Navigating Disruption and Embracing Change


She presents in English.

How she presents

Adah is a visionary and catalyst for change, inspiring organisations to create a more sustainable future based on community, kinship, and living ecosystems.

In Detail

Adah is the Chair of Mental Health First Aid England and the advisory group for the Centre for Cultural Value, and she has also been recognised as a TED Talks Global Emerging Innovator. Her work explores the anatomy of transformation and innovation, and she focuses on changing how we experience the world by asking the question, "What type of Ancestor do you want to be?" Her cutting-edge philosophy, Cyborg Shamanism", merges ancient wisdom, living systems, traditional ecological knowledge and practices, and digital technologies. She has over 20 years of experience in transforming cultures to nurture decentralised innovation environments and has worked with some of the world's leading organisations and institutions.


Adah encourages businesses to embrace the idea of inclusivity, sustainability, prioritise long-term thinking, and to create immersive experiences that prioritise well-being and ethical responsibility. By adopting this holistic approach, businesses can foster deeper connections with their employees and customers, drive innovation, and leave a positive legacy.



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