Anne Lise Kjaer

Leading Global Futurist and Trend Forecaster

Anne Lise Kjaer is the CEO and Founder of Kjaer Global. She utilises her design background to predict and simplify the complex trends of future, business and innovation. An expert in business branding and embracing change, Anne-Lise can guide any organisation through turbulent times.

"Scenarios are future narratives that help us to make informed decisions about the present"

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  • Future Business and Consumer Trends
  • Innovation in Mind
  • Glocalisation 2030+
  • Technology: The Global Brain & People
  • Big Data: Connecting to People
  • Sustainability: The World 2030+
  • Sustainability: Mapping the Green Trands


She is equally at home speaking in English, German or her native Danish.

How she presents

Anne Lise Kjaer powerfully delivers out-of-the-box thinking in her presentations and is an extremely sought after inspirational speaker with a broad variety of multinational corporations and global blue chip companies.

Books & Media

  • The Trend Management Toolkit:A Practical Guide to the Future

In Detail

By researching and analysing the social sciences, global studies, economics, disruptive technologies, the environment, transportation, urbanism, architecture, design and consumer behaviour, Anne Lise Kjaer believes 'The future is not some place we go, but one we create'. Anne contributes to a range of European trends and lifestyles publications and has been featured in the Financial Times, The Sunday Times, The Observer, Times Magazine and on BBC R4 and Question Time and several international television programmes. She is a Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassador and an MD of the Danish/UK Chamber of Commerce. Anne has an original and inspiring way of translating fledgling concepts into viable commercial propositions, working with some of the world's leading brands.


Anne Lise Kjaer brings clarity to a complex world dominated by ever increasing trends that are generated by a constantly changing world and driven by consumer demands. As she embraces new thinking across a range of disciplines, this approach is combined with more creative and intuitive approaches to the future in the 21st century.



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