Prof. Axel A. Weber

Mathematician, Innovator & Business Philosopher

Axel Weber is a renowned economist and banker who has worked extensively in the private sector and academia. He is a sought-after speaker on economic matters and is frequently called upon to offer insights to business leaders and policymakers worldwide. He is widely respected for his knowledge and expertise in economics, and his views are often quoted in the media.

"Respected for his knowledge and expertise in economics"

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  • Current Developments in the Financial System
  • The Reform of Financial Regulation
  • The Asian Financial Crisis: Causes, Contagion and Consequences
  • Addressing Global Imbalances
  • Fiscal Policy after the Financial Crisis


He presents in English and German.

How he presents

Axel Weber is an eloquent and highly informative orator who speaks his mind and is an acute observer of movements and trends in the global financial markets.

Books & Media

  • People Business

In Detail

In 2012, Axel was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Swiss bank UBS AG. He was later appointed as Chairman of the Board of Directors, a position he held until his resignation in early 2022. He is also the former President of the German Federal Bank (Deutsche Bundesbank), the most influential institute of the European System of Central Banks, appointed by the German finance minister. For his contribution and services to the finance, economics and banking sectors, Axel holds the first Prix Marjolin Prize from the SUERF Council of Management, and the Group of 20+1, the International Association of Economic Journalists, named him the 2014 European Banker of the Year.


Axel is a well-respected economist and banker known for his insightful commentary on the global economy. He frequently gives speeches on various economic topics and is an in-demand keynote speaker for his insights on the economy and banking.


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