Carlos Moreno

International Expert Human Smart Cities

Carlos Moreno is a recognised specialist of the intelligent control of the complex systems. He is also a pioneer in the field of the intelligent cities with his vision of a Human Smart City, a living city, of which he is one of the initiators and the organisers on the world scene.

Driving Force behind "Paris- The 15-minute City"

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  • The 15-minute City
  • Metropolisation of Cities
  • Sustainable Digital City
  • Urban Environments
  • The City of Tomorrow
  • Technological Disruption and Impact on our Urban Lives
  • Innovation and Creativity


He presents in English and Spanish.

How he presents

Carlos's commitment to science communication and his active involvement in various capacities demonstrate his dedication to advancing knowledge, promoting innovation, and creating a more informed and engaged society.

Books & Media

  • Droit de cite - from the Global City to the 15Minute City

In Detail

In his Ted Talk "The 15-minute city", Carlos brings pioneering concepts and an innovative perspective to urban issues. He is currently leading international efforts to develop the city of the future and organises the Live in a living city international conference, which brings together experts from around the world to look at how urban environments are changing. Since February 2015, Professor Carlos Moreno is the Mayor of Paris' Special Envoy for Smart Cities. He holds the esteemed position of chairing the Scientific Committee of the International Forum of the Human Smart City, Live in a living City. He actively collaborates with this community to shape a vision of tomorrow's Smart City that revolves around its citizens. His vision emphasizes a citizen-centric approach, placing people's lives, services, and experiences at the forefront of urban development.


Carlos describes his remarkable career as a journey driven by passion. This passion encompasses a deep-rooted enthusiasm for innovation, creativity, and exploration, which has fuelled his professional endeavours. However, it extends beyond personal ambitions, embracing a genuine desire to share knowledge, forge connections, and cultivate meaningful relationships with others.



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