Catherine Green OBE

Manufacturing Lead in the Development of the Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine in 2020

Catherine Green OBE is Associate Professor in Chromosome Dynamics, University of Oxford. She formed part of the team who developed the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine and speaks about her experiences of hard work and cutting-edge science in a race against the virus.

"The Oxford Covid-19 Vaccine Production - A Year in the Fast Lane"

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  • Leadership
  • Science & Technology
  • The Speed of the Process Through Collaboration
  • The Process of the Vaccine Development
  • Resilience and Determination of Teams
  • 2 years: 1 idea to 2 billion doses
  • Inspiring Women
  • Innovate Now!
  • Global Health


She presents in English.

How she presents

Prof. Green is an engaging and authoritative speaker, she tells her story of triumph against all odds at a time of global crisis in a thought provoking and inspiring way.

Books & Media

  • Vaxxers: The Inside Story of the Oxford AstraZeneca Vaccine and the Race Against the Virus

In Detail

Catherine played an integral role as the manufacturing lead in the development of the Oxford Covid-19 vaccine in 2020. Catherine is the Co-Author of "Vaxxers: The Inside Story of the Oxford Vaccine and the Race Against the Virus", which she wrote with Sarah Gilbert. Catherine is an expert biologist who primarily researches chromosome stability during the replication of DNA and creating vaccines for clinical trials. She is Associate Professor in Chromosome Dynamics at the Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics, University of Oxford, a Monsanto Senior Research Fellow at Exeter College, Oxford and leads the Nuffield Department of Medicine's Clinical BioManufacturing Facility (CBF).


Catherine provides an insight into how she led her team in making the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine. early days of 2020. She also comments on the challenges of trying to respond to a pandemic while in a pandemic, and highlight some lessons learned along the way that will hopefully prepare us better for the next one.



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