Dr. Christina Yan Zhang

Metaverse Pioneer (2006) - Metaverse & Global Education Expert

Christina is CEO of the Metaverse Institute, a consulting firm advising intergovernmental organisations, governments, corporates on their strategy in web3. With 16 years' experience turning forward-thinking ideas into ultra-high growth business with global impact, she has extensive experience working with governments, universities and CEOs on industry, innovation and skills strategies.

A Pioneer in the Metaverse

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  • Metaverse, Web3, Blockchain, Digital Identity, Regulation
  • Greener Metaverse for a Sustainable Future
  • Artificial Intelligence, Robots, Singularity, Ethics & Law
  • Future of Work and Skills, Youth Unemployment, Upskilling
  • World Class Education, Research, Innovation
  • Digital Twin, Smart cities, Smart Buildings, IOT
  • The Future World of Quantum Computing


She presents in English.

How she presents

Christina is a charismatic, passionate and dynamic speaker. She makes technical or complex subjects come alive in a way that audiences find engaging and entertaining; attendees come away feeling energised and inspired!

Books & Media

  • The Use of Massively Multiplayer Online Games to Augment Early-Stage Design Process in Construction
  • The Use of Second Life of Higher Education Internationalisation

In Detail

Christina's expertise in the metaverse stretches back to 2006 with a PhD in digital-twin and virtual world technologies. Prior to founding the Metaverse Institute, she was China Director of QS, the university rankings agency. She established the firm as a major force among Chinese universities, with influence over £750bn's worth of government funding. In 2009, she was the first Chinese ever elected to the national leadership team of the UK's National Union of Students since 1922, and led many successful lobbying efforts with government leaders, including former UK Prime Minister Theresa May on immigration changes. She has also worked as a TV interviewer for People's Daily Online interviewing heads of states and Fortune 500 CEOs.


Christina is in a unique position to provide a comprehensive overview of the future of the internet, thanks to her academic background in metaverse research, coupled with years of experience. With extensive experience in government relations, she can also provide a perspective on regulators and policymakers' approach and priorities.



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