Cristina Criddle

Financial Times Technology Reporter, former BBC Technology Reporter, Artificial Intelligence Speaker, Moderator, Event Host

Cristina Criddle is a technology reporter at the Financial Times covering AI, social media, the future of work, NFTs and emerging technologies. She has broken exclusives on governments launching NFTs, failures in moderation at big tech companies and illegal NDAs being used in the NHS.

A renowned expert on the Metaverse

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  • The Metaverse
  • AI and Its Impact on Work and Society
  • The Future of Technology
  • Web3 and Crypto
  • Quantum Computing
  • What is the Real Metaverse?
  • The Next Decade of Health


She presents in English.

How she presents

A consummate professional, Cristina connects well with audiences over the world and is sought-after to commentate on the topic of AI and the Metaverse along with moderating national and international events.

In Detail

Cristina is a specialist speaker on Artificial Intelligence, examining how AI has entered the consumer market, with mass adoption of advanced models like Chat GPT coming into common use and transforming workplaces. She highlights the need for regulation, action and agency as the AI arms race continues raising huge questions for humanity. Previously, Cristina was a technology reporter at the BBC, working across TV, radio and online, including on the Today Programme and BBC Breakfast. She also produced the leading BBC 3 documentary the Instagram Effect featuring exclusive testimony from insiders about how the platform impacts wellbeing.


Cristina's dedication to exploring the intersection of technology and society inspires audiences worldwide as she brings to light the implications and possibilities of our rapidly changing digital landscape.


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