Dr Daniel Sokol

Leading Expert in Medical Ethics

Daniel Sokol has been described as a 'star in the medical ethics and law firmament'. He is a medical ethicist, barrister, mediator and an award-winning columnist, who has advised professionals in high stakes, life-and-death situations.

"Decision-making is a skill and like any skill, it can be improved"

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  • Decision-Making in Complex Situations
  • Resolving Real Life Dilemmas
  • Principles of Good Decision-Making


He presents in English or French.

How he presents

The comic and former doctor Adam Kay called Daniel's latest book "a unique fusion of wit and wisdom". This fusion is also reflected in his presentation style. As a barrister, Daniel has a clear, effortless, and entertaining manner.

Books & Media

  • Tough Choices: Stories from the Front Line of Medical Ethics
  • Doing Clinical Ethics: a Hands-On Guide
  • Medical Ethics and Law

In Detail

Armed with a PhD in medical ethics, Daniel Sokol has spent time in hospitals in North America, India, and elsewhere gaining exposure to some of the most dramatic situations imaginable. He has trained doctors and other clinicians on how to make sound decisions. Daniel has advised government departments, market-leading companies, charities, private individuals and even theatre directors. As a barrister, he deals with catastrophic injury cases. As a writer, he has written for the New York Times and continues to author a regular column for the British Medical Journal.


Daniel provides memorable examples of difficult decisions, with lessons that could be applied across all fields and professions. He explores, and illuminates, the art of decision-making, leaving the audience with a deeper understanding of what separates good decision-makers from poor ones. Daniel outlines principles and lessons that will allow us to improve our decisions in our personal and professional lives.


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