Freek Vermeulen

Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Freek Vermeulen is an Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at the London Business School, where he teaches on both the MBA and Executive levels. He is the first-ever recipient of the "Excellence in Teaching Award" and he also received the "Best Teacher Award", for his Strategies for Growth and Transformation course.

"An expert and leading authority on business strategy"

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  • The Art of Leadership
  • Building a Culture of High Performance
  • Strategy, Uncertainty, and Silly Mistakes
  • Change for the Future: Balancing Current Success with Strategic Adaptation
  • Mindsets and Strategic Transformation
  • Strategy Execution: Turning Strategy into Action
  • Generate Ideas; Foster Innovation
  • Understanding Barriers to Change and Innovation
  • Business Strategy: Barriers to Growth and Execution


He presents in English.

How he presents

Freek's captivating and inspiring speaking style transforms each conference into a valuable opportunity for audiences, providing them with actionable insights and strategic foresight

Books & Media

  • Breaking Bad Habits: Why Best Practices Are Killing Your Business
  • Business Exposed: The Naked Truth about What Really Goes on in the World of Business

In Detail

Freek has advised and worked on executive programmes for leading corporates such as Lloyd's, Maersk, Novartis, PwC, The Guardian, BP, IBM, KPMG, Toshiba and many more. In 2009, the Financial Times wrote about Freek: "The London Business School associate professor is a rising star, and his pithy observations are both accessible and authoritative". And in 2011, they described him as a new management guru. Freek's research on strategies for growth has been published extensively in academic journals, and as a result, he has received the prestigious "Academy of Management Journal Best Paper Award".


An expert in growth strategies, he unravels the complexities organisations face in today's dynamic business landscape. Specialising in leadership and culture, he offers a roadmap for sustainable growth, providing actionable insights and strategic frameworks. Vermeulen empowers executives and business leaders with the tools to navigate challenges, foster innovation, and lead their organisations toward enduring success.



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