Henning Wehn

German Comedy Ambassador to the UK

Henning When, the comedic luminary and self-styled 'German Comedy Ambassador' stationed in London, boasts a career trajectory from corporate beginnings to headlining the UK's premier comedy stages. Renowned for his adept fusion of dry humour and German stereotypes, Wehn effortlessly resonates with the British sense of wit.

"Henning Wehn is the ideal comedy act for any football function"

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He presents in English.

How he presents

Wehn's delivers a unique and quite brilliant comedy experience, a show that is so good-naturedly funny that resistance is futile. His self-knowing wit and intelligent observations on the British mentality adds a further dimension.

In Detail

With an extensive repertoire spanning appearances on renowned British television programs such as '8 Out of 10 Cats,' 'Have I Got News For You,' 'Room 101,' and 'Would I Lie To You?,' Wehn's quick wit has endeared him to audiences across the nation. He delved into societal commentary with his Channel 4 series, 'An Immigrant's Guide to Britain,' dissecting the intricacies of British politics and banter culture. He further endeared himself to audiences with his BBC Radio 2 show, 'Henning Knows Best.' A pioneer in live comedy, Wehn embarked on his inaugural tour 'My Struggle' in 2011, receiving widespread acclaim and catalysing six additional tours, culminating in his latest hit, 'Get On With It,' which commenced in 2018 and has seen resounding success.


Offering a comedic lens through which to view British life, Wehn is a sought-after entertainer for private events and corporate functions, leveraging his nearly two decades of experience to tailor his performance to captivate any audience.


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