Dr. Kirk Borne

Founder, Data Leadership Group

Dr. Kirk Borne is a prominent figure in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and astrophysics. He is the Chief Science Officer at DataPrime, Inc. and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton.

"Award-winning global expert in AI and all aspect of Data Science"

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  • AI - Emerging Technologies
  • From Astrophysics to AI: Lessons from Intersecting Universes
  • AI-Powered Insights: Turning Data into Actionable Intelligence
  • AI Ethics and the Human Touch
  • Demystifying AI for the Enterprise
  • Technology & Science


He presents in English.

How he presents

Kirk uses vivid analogies that draw parallels between the cosmos and the digital realm, making AI understandable even to those without a technical background. His enthusiasm is contagious, igniting curiosity and inspiring his audience to embrace AI's potential.

Books & Media

  • Demystifying AI for the Enterprise: A Playbook for Business Value and Digital Transformation (co-authored)

In Detail

With a doctorate in Astronomy from the prestigious California Institute of Technology (Caltech), Kirk's journey has led him from deciphering the mysteries of the universe to unravelling the complexities of AI. His distinguished background includes pivotal roles at NASA, where he contributed to the Hubble Space Telescope project and later transitioned his expertise to pioneering AI applications. He is an active contributor on social media, where he is an advocate of data literacy for all and has been listed consistently each year since 2013 as the #1 or #2 top worldwide influencer in Big Data and Data Science on social media. In 2014 he was named an IBM Big Data and Analytics Hero. In 2016 he was named Fellow of the International Astrostatistics Association for his lifelong contributions to big data research in astronomy.


Kirk Borne's presentations not only foster a deep understanding of AI's intricacies but also underscore its implications for society. His ability to connect with audiences, coupled with his passion for unveiling AI's potential, has established him as a sought-after speaker at global conferences.



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