Prof Klaus Schweinsberg

Expert on Strategic Leadership and Economic Policy

Prof. Dr. Klaus Schweinsberg is a widely recognised authority, author, and esteemed global consultant specialising in strategic leadership and economic policy. He is the Founder and Chairman of the Centre for Strategy and Higher Leadership, as well as a Founding Board Member of the European Center for Digital Competitiveness at ESCP Europe.

"A top international management advisor"

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  • Attentive Leadership - Management in Times of Uncertainty
  • What will Happen to our Economy?
  • Attitude. Accountability. Ambition- Virtues of Success in our Times
  • Is there still hope for us? ? Are State, Market and Society Heading towards a System Collapse?


He offers tailored keynotes in German, English, French and Italian and moderates in German, English and French.

How he presents

Klaus is a dynamic and engaging speaker and his ability to break down complex issues into digestible insights is highly regarded. He is also a versatile and accomplished conference host.

Books & Media

  • Stress Test 2020 ? Success Factor Uncertainty Competence
  • Anstandig Fuhren. Management in Zeiten der Ungewissheit (Ethical Leadership. Eight Virtues to Success in Times of Uncertainty)
  • Unser Weg in den Systemkollaps (Our Way to the Collapse of the System - why we are close to national debt, social unrest and wars)


Prof Klaus Schweinsberg  - Microsite

In Detail

Professor Schweinsberg plays a crucial role as a Co-initiator of the French-German Leadership Discourse at ESCP Business School. Additionally, he holds positions on various supervisory boards, including Haufe Group SE, HSBC Deutschland, and Mainau GmbH. His research and teaching combine the fields of strategy, leadership, and communications. With a prolific portfolio of books on leadership and governance, he is frequently sought after by the media, including Financial Times, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, and RTL. His notable achievements include being elected as a Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in 2009.


Drawing from his extensive experiences as personal advisor and member of various supervisory boards, Klaus provides audiences with invaluable insights into prevailing economic trends. With a wealth of research at his disposal, he also offers audiences indispensable tools and strategies that enable them to thrive and gain a competitive edge in today's economic landscape.


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Client Forum

Klaus Schweinsberg has the ability to share complex content in a straightforward way, with humour and wit. His economics knowledge is superb and he got only positive feedback.

National Consumer Bank

Client Event

Klaus Schweinsberg was amusing and entertaining with great content. His expertise is outstanding and he was able to adapt his presentation to fit the audience perfectly.

Credit and Finance Institution

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