Kriti Sharma

AI Technologist and Humanitarian

Kriti Sharma is an Artificial Intelligence technologist and a leading global voice on AI ethics and its impact on society. She is the Founder of AI for Good, an organization focused on building scalable technology solutions for social good. Additional she is Vice President of AI and Ethics at the Sage Group.

"A humanistic voice for AI"

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She presents in English.

How she presents

Energetic, friendly, and resourceful, she is a dynamo that inspires with her thought-provoking presentations tailored to her audience and occasionally brings her robots on stage!

In Detail

Kriti built her first robot at the age of 15 in India and has been building AI technologies to solve global issues ever since, from productivity to education to domestic violence. In 2018, she launched (rAInbow?) a digital companion for women facing domestic violence in South Africa. In 2019, Kriti collaborated with the Population Foundation of India to launch Dr. Sneha, an AI-powered digital character to engage with young people about sexual health. Kriti Sharma was named in the Forbes "30 Under 30" list for advancements in AI. She was appointed a United Nations Young Leader in 2018 and is an advisor to both the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs and to the UK Government's Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation. Kriti frequently features in writes for global media such as Fortune, Harvard Business Review, The Times and TechCrunch.


In her presentations, Kriti Sharma provides an insight into AI technology and addresses some of the toughest social challenges of our time, from domestic violence to sexual health and inequality.



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