Nick Saunders

AKA The Family Man

Nick Saunders is known as The Family Man because he demonstrates that workplaces are like families; you can choose your friends but work colleagues and families you're stuck with. Nick specialises in enabling people to get on with anyone and everyone - and has the evidence to prove it.

"Turning Relationships into Results"

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  • Red, Yellow, Blue, Green. What's your Colour?
  • How to Motivate People Without Giving Them a Pay Rise!
  • Good Leaders do Stuff - Great Leaders do People
  • Superb Management - its Kid's Play
  • Influencing Everyone and Anyone
  • Turning Relationships into Results


He presents in English.

How he presents

Nick's skill focuses on relating and adapting to any audience. He is focused, inspiring and down to earth. He fills the room with energy, passion and laughter and delivers lasting messages in a powerful, persuasive and wonderfully entertaining way.

Books & Media

  • You Can Choose Your Friends

In Detail

Nick specialises in the areas of collaboration, conflict resolution and teamwork. Nick is heavily involved in education - working with many primary and secondary schools, academies, colleges and universities. As a professional speaker, training consultant and mentor, Nick has helped individuals enjoy and thrive in their careers by giving them practical tools to make their working lives happier and more successful. When running a business, solving problems, producing results, invariably this comes down to the performance of individual employees. Nick believes the success of any organisation is pretty much down to people interacting with people. In today's global, fast changing environment, it's vital to get people working together seamlessly across geographic boundaries, departments, functions and all of this starts with the leader of that business.


Straight talking, energetic, interactive, relevant and fun. Nick is a unique conference speaker. He is funny and focused, inspiring and down to earth. No management-speak, no high-brow, superior lingo, no ridiculous claims about building a smarter planet or becoming a tiger.



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