Olivia Gambelin

Prominent AI Ethicist

Olivia Gambelin is an AI Ethicist who specialises in the practical application of ethics to technological innovation and the founder of Ethical Intelligence, an AI Ethics advisory firm providing Ethics-as-a-Service through the world's largest network of Responsible AI practitioners.

"Ethics is the art of translating principles to practice"

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  • Ethical Intelligence
  • How Ethics Will Change the Future of Technology
  • Investing in Ethical AI
  • Ethics as a Tool for Innovation
  • Combating systemic bias in AI Systems
  • Uncovering and Handling Bias in Data


She presents in English.

How she presents

Olivia Gambelin stands as a beacon of ethical guidance. Her commitment to making ethics an integral part of the AI revolution serves as a testament to the importance of responsible innovation.

Books & Media

  • Responsible AI: Implement an Ethical Approach in your Organization
  • Podcast: Olivia Gambelin on navigating AI and Ethics; Holding on to our humanity
  • Podcast: Series Four Olivia Gambelin

In Detail

Olivia works directly with business leaders on the operational and strategic development of Responsible AI and has advised various organisations from Fortune 500 to Series A startups across the healthcare, financial, and media sectors in utilising ethics as a decision-making tool. In addition to her work as an ethicist, she is on the Founding Editorial Board for Springer Nature's AI and Ethics Journal, Co-Chair of IEEE's AI Expert Network Criteria Committee, and is on the Advisory Board of the Ethical AI Governance Group (EAIGG). Olivia is an active member of Silicon Valley's ecosystem of startups and investors, and Brussels where she advises on AI policy and regulation.


In her presentations, Olivia brings ethical analysis into technological development. She believes there is strength in human values that, when applied to artificial intelligence, lead to robust solutions we can trust.



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