Rémi Krug

Former President of the House of Krug

Rémi Krug is a tireless ambassador for the House of Krug, whose passion for his craft and pride in his remarkable product remain undiminished. He recently founded RK Conseil, a consultancy aimed at sharing his particular experiences in the luxury goods world and assisting others to explore value creation by "learning from luxury".

Instrumental in cementing Krug's traditional ties with the UK, reintroducing Krug to the US, & making Italy, at one point, the company's largest market

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  • Luxury Goods
  • Strategy
  • Culture
  • Marketing
  • The Champagne of Champagnes


He presents in English, French & Italian.

How he presents

Rémi Krug's extrovert personality and talents as a communicator naturally led him towards international sales and marketing. The qualities he expects of others and therefore exhibits himself are kindness and generosity, constancy, a sense of humour and, in business, honesty, discretion, broad-mindedness and curiosity, creativity, rigour, and professionalism.

In Detail

Rémi Krug graduated in business administration from University in Paris at H.E.C. He served in the Navy as a midshipman in Brest and as a Naval officer on board patrol-boat 'L'Intrépide' in Saint Tropez. He travelled extensively throughout the world promoting the image of Krug champagne and maintaining the company's close relationships with Krug lovers. He became MD of Krug in 1973 and then President from 2002 to 2007. Now officially retired from operational responsibilities, he continues as Honorary Chairman assisting the House of Krug on specific matters such as tasting and strategic vision. He is also Chairman of l'Institut des Hautes Etudes du Goût, de La Gastronomie et des Arts de la Table.


The great-grandson of Jean-Joseph Krug, who founded the Krug label in 1843, Rémi Krug demonstrates an intrinsic commitment to quality and a culture of excellence. Using practical examples he illustrates how to make the leap from 'good' to outstanding. He provides insights into how and why he made design and the promotion of design a priority. As he prepares to pass on leadership to the next generation, Rémi continues to pursue his commitment to the broader community.


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