Doctor Rosa Vásquez Espinoza

Amazon Jungle Scientist

Dr. Rosa Vásquez Espinoza is a chemical biologist, storyteller, conservationist, National Geographic Explorer, educator, and award-winning artist. Through her non-profit organisation Amazon Research Int, she currently investigates the Peruvian Boiling River and its heat-loving microbes, and Amazonian stingless bees and their medicinal honey.

"Science inspires action and deepens our understanding of the natural world"

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  • Lessons from the Amazon for a Sustainable Business
  • Changing our Future - from Pandemics to Reforestation and Net Zero
  • The Art of Resilience and Leadership: Exploring the Amazon as an Indigenous Latina Scientist
  • Why Nature Matters for the Future of Technology, Economy, Food and Medicine
  • One Step too Hot: Critical Decision-Making Lessons from the Amazonian Boiling River


She presents in English & Spanish.

How she presents

Driven by scientific knowledge, cultural awareness, environmental stewardship, and a deep sense of empathy, Rosa tells stories that inspires audiences all over the world to reconnect with Nature and its people.

In Detail

Rosa has also co-founded a UK-based limited company called Purple Corn dedicated to science communication and consulting. She is the recipient of the 2020 American Chemical Society CAS Leadership Award. Of Peruvian-Andean and Amazonian descent, Rosa grew up learning about traditional medicine from her grandmother in their backyard's "natural pharmacy". Inspired to dive deeper, she went onto discovering new antibiotics and green chemistry tools during her PhD. Today, Rosa travels to the most extreme environments in the planet, boiling waters searching for the tiniest creatures to create big changes in the world. Rosa is a compelling storyteller and has participated in international campaigns with National Geographic & Walt Disney on the recycling of common plastics, sustainability in the beauty industry, and the power of water in science.


Rosa is an avid communicator that connects the micro-to-macro worlds to nourish our appreciation for biodiversity in all its magnitudes. She also advocates for scientific exploration of untapped ecosystems, living more sustainably as organisations and individuals, conservation of fragile ecosystems, diversity in STEAM, equal access to education and scientist-artist collaborations.



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