Silvia Garcia

Former Global Director of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola

Silvia Garcia is one of the top worldwide leaders on happiness at work and, as such, she is annually invited by the United Nations to discuss the estate of happiness in the world. During her time as Global Director of the Happiness Institute at Coca-Cola, the Happiness Institute became something of a world reference.

"Expert on positive leadership and mental health"

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  • How to Synergise AI's Possibilities with Human Potential to Create a Brighter Future
  • Positive Leadership
  • Happiness: Performance and Growth
  • Wellbeing: Talent and Personal Development
  • Starting or Growing a Culture of Happiness at Work Based on Science
  • Eight Things the Most Resilient Companies Do to Build Employees' Mental Health
  • ON/OFF, Killing Stress Before it Kills you
  • Why a Positive Culture is the Ultimate Economic Advantage


She presents in English.

How she presents

Silvia is a foresighted and humorous storyteller who enjoys simplifying big, complex ideas to make them actionable for a wide range of audiences.

In Detail

Silvia is the founder of two companies; Feel Logic and Happiest Places to Work. Both companies aid businesses and organisations reach their full and best potential through positive leadership strategies and by developing a corporate culture which supports and encourages happiness at work. She has worked with a number of companies on creating brands and communications leading to positive connotations and happy employees. She is a recognised expert within the fields of happiness and of high performance and she has collaborated with some truly influential people such as the Prime Minister of Bhutan; founder of positive psychology, Martin Seligman; and Director of the Worldwide Report on Happiness, Jeffrey Sachs.


Silvia shows companies how to use the latest science of happiness to create the conditions for employees and citizens to flourish, increase 30% customer satisfaction, reduce absenteeism by half and double innovation and creativity. She also helps organizations searching to create brands and communication that appeals to the emotions.



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