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Pau García-Milà

Serial Entrepreneur and Communicator


"I believe there are giant opportunities
around, which need someone to solve them."

About Pau García-Milà

Pau García-Milà founded his first start-up (eyeOS) at the age of 17. The company invented the web based desktop and in 2011 Gartner described eyeOS as a Cool Vendor in operations management. In 2011 Pau received the MIT prize of ‘Innovator of the Year’, and the company was acquired by Telefonica in 2014. Pau also founded Bananity, a social networking company. As an entrepreneur Pau has achieved significant recognition and won several awards.

His latest venture is ideafoster, which helps unlock companies’ creativity and discover new opportunities though agile methodologies and state-of-the-art technologies.

Pau has contributed to a number of radio programme and is the presenter of Empenta, the only radio programme dedicated 100% to entrepreneurs.