Ray Hammond

Europe's Most Experienced and
Widely Published Futurologist


"Super-intelligent machines: the most
important issue humankind has faced."

About Ray Hammond

Ray Hammond is Europe’s most experienced and most widely published futurologist. For over 30 years he has researched, written and spoken about how future trends will affect society and business. As faster technological innovation, globalization and the environmental challenge continue to be priorities Ray is one of a few commentators equipped to explain how these massive challenges will affect our futures, the way we do business and the far reaching implications socially, economically and politically.

Ray projects an inspirational and breath-taking vision of the future to help your audiences navigate the hyper-competitive virtual economy. This vision is interpreted from a business, climate, social, political, and economic perspective providing a rounded view of how best to prepare your organisation for what the future holds. Ray is a member of the Science Fiction Advisory Council (SFAC) of XPRIZE.