Lord Richard Dannatt Speaking Topics

Leadership in Turbulent Times
Drawing on his experiences in the public, private and charitable sectors, Lord Dannatt examines the demands of leadership today and what is required of leaders in both the battle space and the business space.
Shifting Sands – Power and Influence on the Move
An examination of current world events and implications for British foreign, security and defence policy.
The Law, Morality and Armed Conflict
An analysis of the justification for armed intervention from apparently competing legal and moral perspectives.
A Look Back, A Look Forward – Reflections on Forty Years a Soldier
An account of Dannatt’s forty years of experiences and adventures in the British Army from 2nd Lieutenant to Chief of the General Staff from Northern Ireland through the Balkans to Iraq and Afghanistan, concluding with discussion on current defence policy and security challenges.

“Boots on the Ground” – Great Britain and her Army Today

A reflection on British history since the end of the Second World War until today, through the experiences of the British Army within the context of our foreign, security and defence policy and against the background of economic and social development.
The Tower of London – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
A look at life in the Tower of London from the perspective of the Constable and those that live and work there, including the background story to the World War 1 commemoration: “Blood swept Land and Seas of Red” – the ceramic poppies installation in the Tower moat.
“Confessions of a Bank Robber”
A light-hearted after dinner speech tracing the more unusual aspects of General Dannatt’s career, including the Mostar Bank Job.