Anja Förster

Management Consultant and Author

Anja Förster is a bestselling author, management consultant and one of today's savviest business authorities on reinventing the logic of how business gets done. She is a member of the Top 100 Jury, an initiative that awards the Best Innovator prize in Germany. Anja also lectures at the ZfU International Business School in Switzerland.

"Crazy is who always does the same but hopes for a different result"

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  • Different Thinking!
  • Business as Unusual
  • Creation of a Corporate Culture of Innovation
  • Best Business Strategies
  • Achieving Peak Performance
  • Anything but Ordinary


She presents in English and German.

How she presents

Entertaining, thought-provoking and passionate, her presentations don't just talk about being different they inspire people to be different. Her dynamic and entertaining approach leaves a lasting impression on her audience, leaving them energised.


  • Anything but Ordinary: A Crash Course in Lateral Thinking
  • Spuren statt Staub (Traces instead of Dust) with Peter Kreuz
  • Alles, außer gewöhnlich(Anything But Ordinary)with Peter Kreuz
  • Different Thinking! Creative Strategies for Developing the Innovative Business (English Edition)
  • Innovations-Adressbuch 2005
  • Innovationen aufspüren

In Detail

Anja Förster studied Business Administration in Germany, before being awarded a scholarship to continue her studies at a renowned American Graduate School of International Management and lived and worked in the US for several years. She was a senior manager at one of the world's leading consulting companies before deciding to branch out and found her own management consultancy. Travelling all over Europe, she applies her theories in practice. Her clients include BMW, Deutsche Bank, Swisscom Mobile, Siemens etc. Living in Germany, Anja writes her books in the US and picks up unusual business solutions on her extensive travels through North America and Asia.


Anja is a provocative and inspiring voice on management and innovation. She shares her unique insights into what it takes to succeed in today's rapidly changing business world and highlights growth opportunities. Additionally she challenges people to turn long-held industry conventions on their head, fearlessly challenges the old guard and amazes her audience with new and unique products and services.



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