Aric Dromi

Futurologist, Digital Philosopher and Professional Troublemaker

Aric Dromi is the Chief Futurologist for one of the world's most well-known and respected vehicle manufacturers and a leading developer of premium, autonomous and electric vehicles. He looks into new ways of thinking about how things work.

"Turning Science Fiction into Reality"

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  • Awakening Technologies
  • The Future of Work, Society and the Misfit Cultures of Innovation
  • The Future - Business not as Usual
  • Wellbeing and Lifestyle


He presents in English.

How he presents

A passionate and engaging speaker, Aric's presentations are a veritable wealth of new ideas delivered in a unique and highly creative way.


 Aric Dromi  - Microsite

In Detail

Outside of this he splits his time between a number of different projects. His consultancy TEMPUS.MOTU is a social and technology strategic think-tank helping Governments, NGO and Corporations explore coming opportunities. He is the co-founder of DICEROX and the founder of The Dead Rabbit Co. producing a wide range of cross-media content with a focus on documentary films, events and publications with the purpose of highlighting the key questions of our time and exploring potential futures. He is also the founder of the Black Swan Theatre presenting visions of tomorrow with the help of the most brilliant minds of today. He is also a published author and artist.


Aric helps change the way we experience the world and transforms the way we understand change. He explains the future, makes it tangible and most importantly, makes it relevant. He delivers captivating speeches that frame questions and help people identify and abandon old paradigms and rethink thinking.


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Marketing Innovation Conference

Aric Dromi was both exciting and engaging. His content was excellent and thought-provoking. He looked into the future but also provided applications for today.

Global Events Organiser

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