Christian Gansch

Leadership and Management Expert

Christian Gansch is a highly respected conductor and a renowned management consultant. With two distinct perspectives of the musical world, as a musician and as a manager, he has been able to create a unique coaching concept, which demonstrates the similarities between orchestras and company structures.

"Renowned conductor and management consultant"

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  • From Solo to Symphony: What Companies can Learn from Orchestras
  • The Triad of Leadership Competence - Perceiving, Deciding, Acting
  • Whoever Performs Must Play ? Why Self-Motivation is the Beginning of All Work
  • Why Change is Everyday Life and Routine is Standstill
  • Stress on Stage - How Top Musicians Deal with Pressure
  • Listening to Each Other, Acting Together - the Orchestral Interplay of Forces


He presents in German and English.

How he presents

A brilliant communicator Christian inspires audiences with his insightful, innovative and unconventional presentations tailored to suit the client's requirements.

Books & Media

  • Wer auftritt, muss spielen. Die drei Schritte zur Führungs-kompetenz (Who enters the stage must play - 3 steps to successful leadership)
  • Vom Solo zur Sinfonie - Was Unternehmen von Orchestern lernen können (From a solo to a symphony - what organizations can learn from orchestras)

In Detail

For a decade, Christian conducted the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra before transitioning into the business side of music. As a conductor, Christian's baton has graced many of the world's premier orchestras, from the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France in Paris to the BBC Orchestra in England, the Russian National Orchestra, and the German Symphony Orchestra Berlin. Drawing from his extensive experience in the music world, spanning from musician to conductor to manager, Christian's coaching concept is truly unique, blending the realms of music and business. Now serving as a consultant for major organisations, Christian uses the knowledge gained from his research and best-selling books to deliver keynote speeches that empower companies to reach unprecedented levels of success.


Drawing on both his experiences as a musician and a manager, Christian has crafted a tailored speech that demonstrates the parallels between orchestras and corporate structures. With a dynamic and focused approach, he captivates audiences worldwide.


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