David MacLeod OBE

Employment Engagement Expert

David MacLeod is co-Chair of the British Employee Engagement Task Force, known for his work in employee engagement and organisational performance. He co-authored the influential report "Engaging for Success: Enhancing Performance Through Employee Engagement," this report, commissioned by the UK government, examined the importance of employee engagement in improving organisational productivity and effectiveness.

"A recognised leader and expert in the field of Employee Engagement"

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  • The Importance of Employee Engagement
  • Motivation
  • Performance
  • Employee Retention


He presents in English.

How he presents

David MacLeod presents is a highly knowledgeable and passionate expert. His presentations are marked by clarity and practical insights drawn from his extensive leadership experience.

Books & Media

  • Engaging for Success (with Nita Clarke)
  • The Extra Mile: How to Engage Your People to Win

In Detail

David MacLeod OBE is a Visiting Professor at Cass Business School and holds an Honorary Professorship at Nottingham Business School. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marketing, the RSA, and a Companion Member of the CMI. His career spans marketing, a CEO role in a global enterprise formed from the merger of ICI and Unilever businesses, and leadership in manufacturing and services sectors. He has served as a non-executive director for three Government Departments and worked extensively in the Cabinet Office.


David takes an in-depth look at employee engagement and reports on its potential benefits for organisations and employees. He demonstrates its positive impact innovation and customer service and shows that the efforts to engage employees create a competitive advantage.


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Employee Engagement Webinar

David MacLeod was excellent. He has fantastic knowledge and experience and he is always inspiring. He has a great speaking style; he is matter of fact, but humorous as well.

Educational Technology Corporation

Annual Client Conference

David MacLeod was a professional from the start and it was great working with him. He engaged the audience from the beginning and was perfectly pitched for our audience.

Educational Technology Corporation

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