Don Strickland

Business Visionary and Disruptive Digital Innovator

Don Strickland is a former Senior Executive at Apple, CEO of PictureWorks and CEO of IPIX. Don is also the President and CEO of Strickland Associates and serves as Adjunct Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Imperial College London.

Expect to come away with a unique perspective on innovation, leadership and entrepreneurship.

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  • Culture: The Other CEO
  • What It Takes to Build a Really Great Company
  • The New World of Data: The Leadership Challenge
  • The New World of Data: Data Driven Innovation
  • Business Model Innovation


He presents in English.

How he presents

He adapts to the forum of the client, delivering high added value as a speaker, advisor or moderator. His unique insights into how business really works 'from the inside' are fascinating and memorable.


 Don Strickland  - Microsite

In Detail

Don Strickland was the visionary behind the world's first consumer digital camera, which he developed as Kodak's VP of Digital Imaging and launched into the market after joining Apple. As Apple's VP of Imaging and Publishing he led the re-architecture of Apple's computer platform for the publishing market from traditional print media to "new media" including the Internet, music and video. He left Apple to become CEO of Silicon Valley startup, PictureWorks Technology, and was a pioneer of the Web 2.0 business model. He took the company public through a merger with IPIX, and built the market value to $1.6 billion.


Don draws upon his personal experience to show how culture can lead a company to bankruptcy (Kodak) or turn a company around that was almost bankrupt into becoming one of the most valuable companies in the world (Apple). Don shares his unique insights into how really great companies build really great cultures that support innovation, attract entrepreneurs and create passionate employees.



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