Gerald Ratner

Former Chairman-CEO of Ratners Group and CEO of Gerald Online

Gerald is an experienced retail leader and entrepreneur with over four decades of experience. He is the CEO of Gerald Online and the former Chairman-CEO of Ratners Group, Europe's largest jewellery retailer in the 1980s. Well-known for his pioneering commitment to the strategic management process and his passion for leveraging technology to meet customers' changing needs. He is highly respected for his unique ability to drive businesses forward.

"Mr Ratner's gaffe has become a textbook case in business schools around the UK"

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  • Marketing and Branding
  • Recovering from Adversity
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategic Management
  • Risk


He presents in English.

How he presents

Gerald shares his incredible story of triumphs and setbacks. With a unique blend of charm and wit, he masterfully weaves together anecdotes and insights, leaving a lasting impression on his audiences.

Books & Media

  • Reinvent Yourself: A Brand New Guide for Reinventing Your Life. How to Be Successful, Achieve Your Potential, and Create Lasting Opportunity for Business Success
  • Gerald Ratner: The Rise and Fall... and Rise Again

In Detail

Gerald has always been a groundbreaking entrepreneur, even after some unfortunate comments about product quality caused the business to suffer losses, Gerald rebranded it with a fresh start as Signet Group in 1993. Not to be deterred, he made forays into the leisure industry, selling for a huge profit and turning his focus on America. There, he built an impressive network of 1000 stores, showing the world his power of manifesting visions into fruition. In 2004, Gerald shifted his gaze back to the jewellery industry, launching Gerald Online and bringing the brand back from the brink of obscurity. Gerald is renowned for his retail success in the UK and US, making him a much-referenced entrepreneur.


Gerald promises a captivating and enlightening experience that motivates listeners empowering them to maximise their success. With years of expertise and wisdom, he helps to unlock potential and provides the resources for growth. Expect to leave inspired, energised and ready to tackle your goals.


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Customer Conference

I would highly recommend Gerald Ratner – 1st class experience. He was very informative and inspirational and his story was delivered in a really funny, yet professional way.

Global Automatic Equipment Suppliers

Business Awards

Gerald Ratner was hilarious and went down a storm. A highly amusing story brilliantly delivered. He has a dry wit and is a very confident speaker who commands the room.

Independent Medical Regulators

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