Rupal Patel

Former CIA Officer

Rupal Patel is a Former CIA Officer, awarded War Zone Service Medals and Meritorious Citations for "exceptional performance of duty" and "superior support to the President of the United States". Her high-octane career has taken her from military briefing rooms in jungles and war zones to corporate boardrooms and international stages.

Called a "Power Woman" by Harper's Bazaar Magazine

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  • High Pressure Performance
  • Mastering Your Mind & Showing Up Powerfully
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Leading through Failure, Uncertainty, and Challenge
  • Identity-Driven Leadership
  • Getting Comfortable with Discomfort
  • Resilience and Self Belief
  • Authentic Visibility
  • Speaking Truth to Power


She presents in English.

How she presents

Rupal's delivery is powerful and impactful, and her truly unique insights arm her audiences with the tools they need to remake the rules of success and become unstoppable.

Books & Media

  • From CIA to CEO: Unconventional Life Lessons for Thinking Bigger, Leading Better and Being Bolder

In Detail

After leaving the CIA, she earned her MBA from London Business School and started her first award-winning business over ten years ago. Rupal is a sought-after speaker who has spoken in front of thousands and worked with top-tier organisations and conferences around the world from Virgin to Ab Inbev to SuperReturn. She helps visionary leaders, teams, and organisations make the seemingly impossible possible. Called a "super-strategist" by her clients, Rupal draws on her Ivy-League education, MBA degree, and CIA training, and marries industry-leading theory with tactical experience in ways that transform every client she works with.


Rupal's unique perspectives on resilience, adaptability, growth, and mindset are invaluable for founders and corporate leaders who want off-the-beaten-path insights to help them think bigger, lead better, and be bolder.



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