Sahar Hashemi OBE

Entrepreneur & Innovation Expert

Sahar Hashemi is a powerful authority on innovation and entrepreneurial mindset who shares with the audience her captivating personal stories of building two famous brands; Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy. In 2022, Sahar launched Buy Women Build, a website designed to boost economic recovery by bringing consumer support and recognition to female founded businesses.

"A Change Agent & a Powerful Catalyst to Drive Entrepreneurship Within Big Corporations"

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  • Fuelling Business Growth through Flexible Working
  • The Switched On Mindset - 'Igniting Creativity and Innovation'
  • 8 Habits for a Switched On Mindset
  • Anyone Can Do It - Awakening the Entrepreneur Within
  • Life Outside the Comfort Zone - An Entrepreneur's Journey
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Standing in the Customer's Shoes
  • Anyone Can Do It - The Journey of Turning an Idea into a Business


Sahar presents in English.

How she presents

A passionate keynote speaker, Sahar's energy is infectious, and delegates always leave events inspired and motivated to stop "thinking about it" and "get on with it"!

Books & Media

  • Start-Up Forever
  • Switched On: 8 Habits to Being Highly Effective in Your Job, and Loving it
  • Anyone Can Do It


 Sahar Hashemi OBE - Microsite


Sahar Hashemi has used her deep knowledge of both the corporate and start up worlds to become an internationally recognised thought leader on entrepreneurial mindset. She has been described as a change agent and problem solver.


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Directors Annual Meeting

We got great feedback from Sahar Hashemi’s speech. She is an excellent speaker with valuable insights for any entrepreneur. She is exciting as well as professional.

European Real Estate Company

Kick Off Meeting

Everyone absolutely loved Sahar Hashemi’s session. She had great content and did an excellent job, adapting her pace and language perfectly for non-native speakers.

US Biotechnology Co.

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