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October 2015

Glimpses of the Future – November 2015

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Report Says Apple Car Due In 2019

Traditional car makers (and their suppliers) are seriously rattled by the idea that the likes of Apple and Google will soon be making cars. Now, a new report puts a date on when you can buy an Apple car: 2019.

The company already has a few thousand employees working on the Apple Car, including engineers from Tesla and GM, team managers. Test tracks have been created at former military bases.

It seems as though the Apple Car is ready to go from concept or project to prototype, seeing as test sites are being prepared and government discussion meetings are already on the way.

That Apple is discussing specifics about the Apple Car and its compliance with legislation certainly suggests the Cupertino-based company is further along with the development process than has been previously thought.

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Digital Health

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How Technology Will Transform Medicine, Healthcare and the Doctor-Patient Relationship

What Is Digital Health?

We are in the process of applying digital technology to medicine, healthcare and to our own bodies. We are harnessing artificial intelligence to improve medical diagnoses and treatment, we are using robots to look after the old and vulnerable, we are using computer power to decode our individual DNA and we are using the genomic data collected to personalize medical treatments for those who are seriously ill. By 2030 personalized medicine – i.e. treatment that is tailored to a patient’s individual biology – will be available to all.

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Glimpses of the Future – October 2015

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The Robot You’re Not Allowed To Have Sex With

It may not have occurred to you to buy a robot for sex purposes, but the manufacturers of “Pepper” are so worried that you might, they have banned all such activity.

With 1,000 units set to go on sale in the U.S. later this month, Japanese telecom giant SoftBank has high hopes for its domestic robot, Pepper.

If the company wants to achieve its dream of a Pepper in every home, however, numerous ethical issues must be considered and overcome, one of which being the thorny matter of owners who attempt to treat their little robot like an altogether different kind of helping hand.

It seems that SoftBank is already trying to keep ahead of the curve, however, by clearly stating in its documentation for Pepper that sexual acts with the cheery robot are strictly prohibited.

Pepper is designed with artificial intelligence to make it the perfect household companion by reading you emotions and providing the appropriate small talk and/or encouragement when needed.

Will it report you if you try to ignore the rules? (Or will it go online to gossip about you?)

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