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Glimpses of the Future April 2018

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DNA Data Is Now Becoming Much More Predictive of Health

After the human genome was first analysed in 2001, doctors expected to rapidly discover which genes caused which diseases and which genes could predict specific illnesses.  That didn’t happen.

It turned out that most diseases and conditions had multiple genetic factors involved.  Researchers were downhearted and until very recently most doctors have proclaimed that data from DNA tests is almost worthless as a predictor of future health.

But suddenly this prospect is changing.  There’s never been data available on as many people’s genes as there is today. And that wealth of information is allowing researchers to guess at any person’s chance of getting common diseases like diabetes, arthritis, clogged arteries, and depression.

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Glimpses of the Future – July 2016

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Promising Trials of Blood Test To Detect Alzheimer’s

Ideally, everyone over 50 should have access to a routine blood test to check for early indications of Alzheimer’s Disease.

That possibility has now come one step closer with the successful trial of just such a test which recorded results of “unparalleled accuracy.”

“It is now generally believed that Alzheimer’s-related changes begin in the brain at least a decade before the emergence of telltale symptoms,” says Dr. Robert Nagele, from Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. Read More