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Glimpses of the Future January 2015

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Did An Amazon Robot Pick and Pack Your Package This Christmas?

After many grumbles about the way it treats its human labour, Amazon has revealed that at 10 of its fulfilment centres based across the United Sates, the Kiva robot mobile fulfilment system has been doing the picking and packing this festive season.

Kiva – the maker of the robots which Amazon bought last year says its bots increase productivity by 2-4 times over other picking methods.

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What 4G really means for business

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Futurologist Ray Hammond insists that 4G networks are set to continue having an impact on society that will be far more profound than most people realise. He explains: “4G networks will extend high-speed connectivity through the air to allow businesses of every size to use the marketing, organisational and efficiency opportunities that will make business truly democratic. A small restaurant on the street corner now has the same opportunities to promote itself and attract customers in the super-fast world of 4G as the biggest chain of fast food outlets. The same is true for almost all other types of business.”

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