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Cory Ondrejka

The World's Preeminent Authority on the Economic & Technological Impact of Virtual Worlds

Cory Ondrejka is the co-creator of the Digital World, Second Life. In life after Linden Lab and Second Life, he was a visiting professor at University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Communication. He is currently the Executive Vice President of Digital Strategy for EMI Recorded Music. He is an expert on the interrelation between innovation and learning, as well as the technological and social requirements of product development.

"A relentless innovator"

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In detail

Cory Ondrejka received his BS in Weapons and Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy, graduated from the Navy Nuclear Power School, and served as an officer in the United States Navy. As co-founder and CTO of Linden Lab, Cory Ondrejka has long been an evangelist for the power of virtual worlds. He constructed the core code and built the multinational team that created the award-winning Second Life. He has also driven Linden Lab's unique distributed culture for geographically-diverse software development, establishing tools and practices for building the right internal teams for specific tasks, independent of the geographic location of the people.

What he offers you

Cory Ondrejka offers an exciting look at what's ahead in Virtual Worlds and how it will affect business and society. He conveys the excitement about this new frontier where entrepreneurs are already exploring ways to generate real-world profits. He is passionate about showing how virtual worlds can be used to create a more connected workplace, the deep connection between learning and innovation, their impact on national power and much more.

How he presents

A skilled and exciting speaker, Cory Ondrejka expertly brings unique experience and current insight to the business challenges and opportunities inherent to these new technologies.


Cory presents in English.

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  • The Next IT Revolution
  • Building Innovative Organizations
  • Connection, Communication and Learning
  • Entrepreneurship in the Experience Economy
  • Virtual Worlds and National Security


  • 2008
    Second Life: The Official Guide (with Michael Rymaszewski, Wagner James Au and Richard Platel)

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