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Lucy Adams

Former HR Director at the BBC

Lucy Adams is the best known HR Director in the UK having been on the Board of the BBC during its most turbulent period and acted as its media spokesperson on all people issues. She now advises business leaders and their teams on developing resilience to cope with a disrupted world and is the author of the book to be published next year, 'Better or Bitter - How to thrive after a setback'.

"Renowned HR Expert"

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In detail

Lucy has led and delivered difficult change in complex organisations for over 15 years. In just two years the BBC had four CEOs, they moved BBC Sport, Children's TV, Radio 5Live and 2,500 jobs to the North of England, opened the largest multi-media newsroom in Europe, delivered £200m+ of savings and managed numerous crises, most notably the Jimmy Savile scandal. Lucy was at the heart of handling all of these. Prior to the BBC, Lucy was Group HR Director at Serco plc, a multi-national plc delivering large scale government contracts across the world. In 2013 the BBC made the headlines on many occasions including the resignation of its leader after just 54 days. Lucy also found herself on the TV news and in every major newspaper in the UK as she experienced her own personal crisis around the pay-offs to senior BBC Executives.

What she offers you

Lucy's experiences of delivering difficult change in complex and challenging environments have given her a unique insight into how individuals and teams cope with the pressures of doing business in a disrupted world. Using her personal experiences and the latest research she helps business leaders explore how resilient they are, how they can better anticipate and manage the risks of driving change, build their own agility and resilience and that of their team, cope with the pressures of modern leadership and recover quickly from setbacks.

How she presents

Lucy always aims to provide her audiences with very practical take-aways and whilst she does include insights from the latest research, her speeches are essentially very earthy and pragmatic, based on years of actually delivering at the top of very large organisations. Her speeches are incredibly honest and filled with real life examples and anecdotes from the BBC and elsewhere.


She presents in English.

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  • Better not Bitter - How to Survive and Thrive after a Setback
  • Leadership in Times of Crisis - Develop Resourcefulness and Resilience
  • Delivering Real Change in Complex Organisations
  • Developing your Own Brand - Career Advice for Senior Women


  • 2015
    Better or Bitter - How to thrive after a setback

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