January 2020


Social, economic and environmental challenges of 2020 are forcing business leaders to redefine a new responsible leadership. In our January issue you will find amazing comments from our unique contributors about the most pivotal issues such as the climate and environmental challenges – see the WEF article (page 4) and Marga Hoek talking about ‘The Decade of Sustainability’ (page 7).

With reference to the Munich Security Conference, the world renowned transatlantic dialogue on Foreign Policy & Security, Klaus Schweinsberg says the Western liberal order is under siege (page 12) whilst Charles Armstrong promotes the need to ‘Shift Capitalism in a More Balanced Direction’ (pages 8/9). Our feature about the upcoming International Women’s Day tackles the issue of diversity and inclusion (pages 14/15).

To add some sparkle to this first 2020 issue we are directing you towards our special expertise highlighting some of the brilliant music maestros (pages 10/11) such as Bruce Dickinson, Bob Geldof and Lars Ulrich – who are doing so much more than just music!

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