March 2019


In his article Defending Freedom (pages 12/13) Anders Fogh Rasmussen the former NATO Secretary General and Danish Prime Minister acclaims boldly ‘We cannot deny that, geopolitically, the world is on fire.’ I agree with him. Carl Bildt’s contribution at the Munich Security Conference a couple of weeks ago is along similar lines. He says that this year’s event may well be remembered as a turning point for global
geopolitics (page 5). Disparate themes such as the future of work, new technologies including AI, robotics and the rise of far right populism, call for bold new visions to reconnect society. Technology continues to remove barriers in all parts of our lives, business and society altogether.

Rodney Brooks (page 19) answers some essential questions on Robot Intelligence – Paradise or Nightmare? Much earlier (on pages 6/7) Robert Picardo gives his amazing encounter on Star Trek’s Legacy of Inspiration. Star Trek offered him the opportunity to become an advocate of Space Science, he is a senior member of the Planetary Society which is the largest independent voice for space exploration, the search for life on other worlds and defending the earth from asteroid impacts. A great variety of fascinating contributions by some of the world’s leading minds and talents… Please enjoy this unique issue!

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