September 2018


Today’s mega trends are enormous and challenging. I choose to be an optimist. We are a highly adaptable species. The unique diversity of our September Bulletin contributors touches on many of the essential keys to understanding the future. Is Artificial Intelligence replacing humans? (Rodney Brooks, page 15). Is Social Media eroding Democracy? (Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Alliance of Democracies, pages 20–21). What are the pathways to sustainability? (John Thackara, pages 16–17). ‘The Future is Asian’ states Parag Khanna (pages 12–13).

With all the mega trends evolving around us business leaders are rapidly upgrading their organisations, processes and cultures, but have you noticed that there is no new leadership upgrade on the horizon? Leadership models haven’t taken the essential leap forward to match all the trends taking place in every direction. That is where the amazing article by Kate Sweetman, Leadership 3.0, comes in! (pages 8–9) As a Global Advisory Committee Member of SweetmanCragun Group I have the privilege to be part of their vision and to experience some of the exciting steps to breaking through to a new leadership code. Enjoy reading!

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