Adversity Brings Out The Best In Us, Says Bruce Dickinson.

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Bruce Dickinson Delivering Speech At Corporate Event

“There’s nothing like adversity to bring out the best in an individual.”

These are the words of Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden frontman and serial entrepreneur.  

In his keynote speeches to business professionals across the world, Bruce is keen to drive home his belief that: “You are never so alive as when learning something new.”

And he should be the one to know. For Bruce Dickinson has himself time and time again climbed ladders and conquered fears to become the polymath and global legend that he is today.

Pioneer and conqueror

Addressing huge and diverse audiences – made up of all types from technology gurus to craft beer brewers – Bruce confesses that his own life has been a continual succession of knife edge moments, which have in fact been the making of him.

From heavy metal frontman to fencing champion; commercial airline pilot to brewing master; Bruce has never shied away from venturing into new ground and adding to his professional and personal repertoire over the years.

Key to success

This approach has no doubt been the contributing factor to Bruce’s continued success throughout his life. Yet, it’s not just rock legends that have to overcome the fear of the unknown.

Most of us at one time or another will have had to adopt the same pioneering spirit as Bruce in order to progress in our own worlds.

Think of the ambitious business professional or entrepreneur, for instance. Like anyone who strives to reach the top of their game it is here – at the bottom of the ladder – that they will be performing at their peak.

For it could be said that individuals who are starting out on their journey rather than arriving at their destination, are the most creative, innovative and agile.

Compare them to the executive or business leader who has been at the top of their game for a while. As Bruce points out, often they have lost their creative edge because complacency has set in.

“Indeed they (business leaders) become the ultimate victims of their own success,” he says. “Desperate to avoid uncertainty and surrounded by people who always agree, they cross the line from artistic integrity to artistic stagnation.”

Falling victim

Indeed, established firms and high profile business leaders are among those that fall victim to their own circular beliefs. And we see it in the business news regularly.

From big retail giants who have failed to keep up with online competition to music distributors suffering from new streaming services, resting on one’s laurels may eventually be the thing that will lead to demise.

With his constant regeneration and insatiable appetite for new ventures, this is something Bruce Dickinson has continued to avoid.

Taking off

Take his gigantic leap from the global heavy metal scene to transatlantic commercial aviation, for example:

In his book “What Does This Button Do?” Bruce Dickinson describes receiving an invitation to embark on training for a full-time commercial pilot position, flying a Boeing 757 aircraft with British World Airlines.

“I was out of my comfort zone, a fish out of water,” he says. Weeks later, training completed, uniform obtained, hair cut short and equipped with his pilot’s hat, he flew his first passenger flight from Heathrow to Frankfurt.

Nerve racking it must have been, but one thing’s for certain: It’s this ability to manage fear and overcome adverse situations that keeps Bruce Dickinson on a path of success time and time again.   

Keynote speeches

Having risen to the top of his game on a number of occasions, Bruce’s open-mindedness and his penchant for learning means he is able to quickly and decisively take up new opportunities.

And he’s keen to share his insight with audiences in the corporate world. Bruce Dickinson regularly takes to the international stage to deliver humorous and often jaw-dropping keynote speeches at events, seminars and conferences.

To make an enquiry about booking Bruce Dickinson to speak at your next corporate occasion, please contact Dave Daniel at CSA Speakers on or +44 1628 601 411.

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