Bruce Dickinson: A Keynote Speaker With All The Essential Components

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Bruce Dickinson Inspirational Speaker

As an event organiser, you have a massive job to do.

Not only having to plan activities down to the finest detail, you also have the pressure of finding the one keynote speaker who will set the scene for the entire show – and leave audiences not only entertained but also energised and enthralled.

It’s a big order to fulfil.

No doubt turning to the internet is bound to be a logical first step when drawing up a shortlist of possible contenders. There will be thousands of individuals to consider, and you may indeed come across one – Bruce Dickinson.

Because Bruce Dickinson – the lead singer of Iron Maiden – has been working the corporate stage for years now and has built an impressive collection of extremely positive reviews to prove it.

A keynote who has got what it takes

As front man of a global rock sensation, as well as pilot, chairman of Cardiff Aviation, master brewer, one-time fencer and cancer survivor; Bruce Dickinson certainly has a few stories to tell.

But does he really have what it takes to fill your 45 minute slot and have your audience baying for more? The answer is a big yes!

Here’s how Bruce Dickinson measures up to the challenge.

1. Uniqueness

There aren’t many people like Bruce Dickinson.

No, scrap that.

There isn’t anyone else like Bruce Dickinson, he is truly in a league of his own.

Listen to him speak; watch him perform; observe how he lives his life. Here we have a man who is fearless yet considered; who has an iron will to succeed yet values integrity over everything else.

We have an individual who has forged a long, incredible career out of his curiosity and creativity.

Yes, there is only one Bruce Dickinson. No one can argue that.

2. Entertainment value

When it comes to entertainment value, Bruce Dickinson certainly knows a thing or two.

Fans will already know about some of his tricks he pulls on stage during Iron Maiden performances. But whilst he stops short at inviting Iron Maiden mascot ‘Eddie’ to share the limelight during his keynote speeches, he certainly knows how to captivate audiences with some hilarious and often inspiring tales from his past.

Entertaining, he most certainly is.

Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden

3. Versatility

You may already know Bruce Dickinson was a pilot. You will most certainly know he’s the lead singer of a globally renowned and adored heavy metal band.

But, do you know the extent to which he has combined the two?

In 2016, Iron Maiden hired a Boeing 747 especially to take them on their ‘Book of Souls’ world tour – and Bruce assumed the role of pilot.

Yes, that’s right. He flew the aircraft and the band to 45 cities in six continents over the course of five months whilst also commanding the stage.

Bruce Aeris Quartz Chronograph Pilots Watch

To switch between level-headed pilot to heavy metal mad-man must have taken some doing, but does this knack for versatility translate to the stage?

You bet it does.

With experience to call upon from all faculties of life, Bruce Dickinson uses his creativity to craft a keynote speech to fit any occasion; to audiences of any demographic.

He’s a marvel at pleasing the crowd.

4. Relevance

‘This is all very well,’ you may think. ‘But is he in any way relevant to my industry?’

As chairman of Cardiff Aviation; key player in the development of TROOPER beers; best-selling author; radio presenter; Iron Maiden front man and creative business thinker; Bruce Dickinson’s track record as a successful entrepreneur, professional and leader is broad, unrivalled – and proven.

“How to turn your customers into fans” is an area he’s explored with audiences on many occasions. He is also keen to share his passion for innovation and creativity and drives his notion that integrity is the biggest driver for success.

These are vital topics that are relevant for every industry and sector, be it government or private enterprise.

He really knows his stuff.

5. Reliability

But one thing still bothers you: Will he actually turn up?

Will he give you that stomach-churning feeling an hour before the show when you contemplate having to bring in the understudy?

When it comes to Bruce Dickinson, you can be sure your event is in good hands.

We’re talking about a man who refused to disappoint fans and put on a concert in a war zone. He risked life and limb to play to his loyal fans during one of the most intense fighting periods of the Bosnian war.

As a result, Bruce was made an honorary citizen of Sarajevo.

Whether it’s in front of a stadium of heavy metal fans, or a corporate audience of tech professionals, Bruce Dickinson claims: “Hell would freeze over before I’d stop performing.”

Yep, he is one keynote speaker who will most definitely show up to a gig.

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Your choice of personality has the power to make your main event memorable – for all the right or wrong reasons. But with Bruce Dickinson’s calibre as a speaker and entertainer, you can be sure your audiences will be thrilled, perhaps in more ways than one.

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