Think You’d Know A Modern Day Genius? Think Again…

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Bruce Dickinson Iron Maiden

Are you an event planner on the lookout for that special someone to fill the headline slot at your next corporate gig?

If so, then there’s every reason to think beyond the usual technical ninja or start-up phenomenon that so often dominate media headlines.

In fact, if you’re looking for a modern day genius that has the potential to challenge the audience’s perceptions, then you might well want to grab a ticket to the next heavy metal concert.

You may just find who you’re looking for there.

That’s because remarkable people can often be found in unusual places and according to one study, metal fans are likely to be intellectually superior.

It therefore stands to reason that someone like Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson – who is available to hire to give lively, insightful and entertaining keynotes at all kinds of corporate events – could well be the type of person with the mind you are looking for.

Let’s have a look at why…

Modern metal

Today’s modern metal is not so much about dragons and demons anymore. It’s about introducing concepts and ideas that force people to take a different look at the world and challenge the mainstream.

Consider that along with the fact that geniuses all have minds that are open and imaginative. It stands to reason that metal music is exactly the type of philosophical fuel that they turn to to drive and inspire their inquisitive and active minds.

True geniuses question the norm and attempt to tip it on its head. They are able to make surprising and useful connections about the world and apply it to expand their scope of knowledge. That’s why so many of them are fans of heavy metal because it delivers on their level.

Markings of genius

Bruce Dickinson shows many of the markings of a true genius.

His right brain/left brain make-up, his talent for creating imaginative, visionary and sometimes controversial art and his ability to think broadly on a range of topics has helped him carve out success in some incredibly and diverse career choices – all of which he’s mastered in his own way.

Singing, song-writing, competitive fencing, brewing, aviation, flying planes, writing books.

There’s little argument that he has built a raft of experience and intuition that he can call upon and apply in a wide range of areas.

It’s something that the revered polymaths and philosophers of the renaissance period also had a handle on and put to good use in their work.

Buck the norm

But surely finding another Steve Jobs or a Mark Zuckerberg doppelganger to deliver a keynote on the corporate stage would be a much safer bet? After all these start-up tech types are geniuses as well, right?

Well not necessarily.

Sure, the media will have us think that the technology universe is awash with modern-day prodigies. Yet, we must ask, is this really the case?

Because even though the tech world has certainly delivered us its fair share of geniuses, many of the figureheads we hear about today do not necessarily live up to the label.

After all, it wasn’t Apple that invented the smartphone, was it? Nor was Facebook the first social media platform. So, it pays to take the view that many of our acclaimed tech geniuses that we hold in such high esteem today must attribute their fame and fortune to someone else’s ingenuity.

It’s actually something that Steve Jobs was quite happy to admit.

Test of time

Author Malcolm Gladwell suggests that in 50 years’ time, people may not remember some of the Silicon Valley giants we know today. Many of them will fail the test of time.

Yet, still as popular as ever forty years later – and counting – is Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson.

With sales for his tours selling out and a new and emerging fan base exploding from the youth market, there’s every reason to believe that his fame and song-writing will continue to inspire and evolve for many more years to come.

Book a true genius

So, if you’re still in two minds about what sort of keynote speaker to book for your next corporate event, consider veering away from yet another self-made tech ‘ninja’ and consider a man worthy of true genius calibre.

Contact Dave Daniel at CSA on +44 1628 601 411 to book Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson as your keynote today.

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