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What Are David Cameron’s Plans Now?

14th July 2016 - 645 days ago

What Are David Cameron’s Plans Now?

As yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Question Time drew to a close, David Cameron bowed out with a standing ovation. During the session colleagues from his own party, as well as the opposition, praised and thanked him for his achievements in office. For his part, Mr Cameron left saying he would miss the ‘roar of the crowd’ and that he was willing everyone on; willing them to get things done and said that nothing is really impossible if you put your mind to it.

Then, after Theresa May met with the Queen, she returned to No. 10 as the country’s second female Prime Minister, to start working on the enormous task ahead of her. Mrs May will unveil her full ministerial team over the coming days and has already announced, among others, Philip Hammond as the new Chancellor of the Exchequer, Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary and David Davis as Brexit Secretary.
Meanwhile, Mr Cameron has said he will stay in public office, but has not declared his future plans. What is next for him remains to be seen and, as a statesman-like leader for six years, with many years’ political experience he will be in high demand to share his hugely insightful knowledge.

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