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Anssi Rantanen

CEO of Growth Tribe Academy

Anssi Rantanen is the Finnish CEO of Growth Tribe. Growth Tribe is Europe's first and leading growth academy. Anssi has helped 50+ companies implement growth strategies during their Google career, from startups to listed companies. He has founded three companies in the last 10 years.

"A renowned growth marketing expert"

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In detail

The Growth Tribe educates companies on growth marketing and AI utilisation in the customer path. Over the past three years, the Growth Tribe has trained 4,500+ employees in 800+ companies including: ING,, Sony, Spotify, YLE. Anssi specialises in growth thinking and growth marketing. Whilst at Google, he learned how the fastest companies in the world systematise their growth and believes that the future winners emphasise learning and self-directed teams. He has noticed that many of the large companies lack the ability to take risks. His 3-year tenure at the company gave him a unique perspective on the future of growing companies.

What he offers you

In his presentations, Anssi talks about growth marketing, how to leverage AI and a growth culture and how companies can systematise their growth. Based on his experience, he has a unique birds-eye view of the growth capabilities and processes of companies today.

How he presents

A true natural in public speaking, his highly practical and informative presentations are delivered with charisma and eloquence.


He presents in English & Finnish.

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  • Growth Marketing: What, How Why?
  • Utilising AI in Marketing and Customer Path
  • From Digital Marketing to Growth Marketing
  • Creating a Growth Culture in Organisations


Anssi Rantanen

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