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Bob Delbecque

The Court Jester of Business, Showman, Entertainer & Motivator

Bob Delbecque is truly unique, with his outrageous approach to business he is an expert at "getting the message across" and "getting the best out of employees". He has an ability to communicate important messages about life and business across cultural boundaries and languages.

"Bob Delbecque speaks to the hearts of the people"

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In detail

Bob "Best Of Belgium" Delbecque has developed a series of strategies to help develop personal motivation and inspire listeners to increase and utilise their potential both at home and at the workplace. Bob uses humour and a light-hearted approach to motivate, stimulate and simultaneously educate decision makers from all fields of business whether at a kick-off meeting or a personalised company presentation.

What he offers you

Behind Bob Delbecque's funny glasses and hilarious jokes, he is an incredibly well prepared speaker with a talent for putting his finger on where the business hurts and manages to raise the awareness for the most fundamental problem; overcoming resistance to change.

How he presents

Bob's performance takes the audience on an emotional elevator of laughter, reflexion, self-analysis and self-criticism which ends up at the top with the feeling: "I can change and create my company's future!".


He presents in English, French, German and Dutch.

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  • Living with Change
  • Make a New Deal with Yourself
  • How to Succeed in Life
  • Quality in the Workplace
  • Secrets of Self Motivation
  • The Power of Humour in the World of Business
  • Interviewer / Talk Show Host
  • Workshop / Masterclass
  • Chairmanship / Discussion Leadership


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