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Chris Ryan

SAS Hero and Best Selling Author

Chris Ryan made a miraculous solo escape travelling the 300km (200 miles) from Iraq to Syria on foot with no food and little water. This remarkable feat of determination was triggered when the SAS mission that he was on was compromised.

His eight day escape is the longest known in SAS history.

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In detail

In 1984 he joined the 22nd SAS, the regular regiment, and completed three tours whose operations and exercises took him all over the world. He also worked extensively on the counter-terrorist field serving as an assaulter, sniper and finally Sniper Team Commander on the Special Projects team. Chris presented How not to Die for Sky and was also the military consultant to Codemasters stealth-based, first-person shooter computer game - IGI2: Covert Strike in 2005. Since leaving the SAS, he has written a number of best selling novels. He is a military consultant to a computer games designer and co-devised and consulted on ITV1's military action drama Ultimate Force.

What he offers you

If ever there was an example of triumph over adversity, this is it. Hearing his survival experience is truly inspiring and boosts your own motivation.

How he presents

In his relaxed manner he will capture your every thought with his spell binding story.


He presents in English.

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