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Prof. Dr. Christian Koeck

CEO of HCC Health Care Company

Christian Koeck is a visionary in health policy and management. A regular contributor to national and international industry journals addressing a range of healthcare issues, he is firmly committed to improving the quality of healthcare throughout the world.

"Christian is a leading expert on Health Policy and Management that gives healthcare professionals practical ideas for improvement"

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In detail

Christian studied Medicine in Vienna and received his first doctorate in 1983. Harvard awarded a second doctorate in 1984, where he studied Health Policy and Economy and was Adjunct Lecturer at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston. Between 1990 and 1995 he was a member of the executive board of the network of Viennese Hospitals with responsibility for quality management and organisation. In 1998 he was awarded a Professorship at the Witten-Herdecke University. Most recently, in 2002 he was elected Dean of the Faculty of Medicine. He now heads the HCC Health Care Company in Austria.

What he offers you

Drawing upon his extensive knowledge, comprehensive studies and rigorous research Christian provides you with sound, practical ideas on how to improve healthcare among health professionals and patients; and how to improve quality through financial investment.

How he presents

You will be both entertained and informed by his talks, his drive and motivation is infectious making him highly sought-after at leading healthcare events.


He is fluent in English and German.

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  • Health Management
  • Making Change Happen
  • New Ways for the Health Economy
  • Clinical and Organisational Leadership
  • Accelerating the Improvement of Health Care


  • It was a very successful meeting, the content of Christian's speech was fascinating and well-delivered. The audience feedback was extremely positive - Global Technology Company


  • 1996
    Management in Gesundheitsorganisationen. Strategien - Qualit├Ąt - Wandel

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